Haylie Anderjaska

Haylie’s secret recipe for winning people over includes some combination of wit (she’s quick), her genuine care for others and her ability to articulate ideas. It also helps that she is a great baker. Sitting around a table, you’ll notice that the girl is well-connected and is brilliant at building community.

A graduate of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Haylie was a member of the distinguished Engler Entrepreneurship program. She first connected with Vivayic as part of our internship program. We quickly learned that this girl wasn’t a typical intern and we were lucky enough to snag her talent.

Haylie brings energy, smiles and her love for learning to the Vivayic team. She has become a master project manager. Combine all that with her ability to focus on the larger picture goals of a project, and it’s pretty easy to see why she is quickly becoming a client favorite.

Haylie grew up in north central Nebraska with six older brothers and a younger sister. She and her husband Will have settled in her hometown of Butte, Nebraska, where they love to spend time working with family on the family farm and vineyard.