Feeding America – Learning Hub LMS

The Challenge
Untapped knowledge is a missed opportunity for any organization. The Feeding America National Organization boasts 200 organizations and 11,000 food bank staff in the network, yet data revealed that only 90 food banks were using the training system, and a lack of collaboration across the network was deterring collaboration. Their previous training was hosted on various platforms and were challenging to navigate. Feeding America needed a one stop shop for all of their learning resources for their employees’ learning needs with the capability to expand to meet future needs. As the largest charity working to end hunger in the United States, they partner with food banks, pantries, and local food programs to bring food to those facing hunger.
Vivayic’s Solution

A dynamic learning hub was created to provide Food Bank Staff and Feeding America staff access to over 700 training opportunities. The Hub, a training solution, is built from a library of best practices, consultant directory, connection between employees, and a space for sharing innovative ideas. The Hub continues to grow and expand with new resources, becoming a central location where all network members can connect and exchange knowledge. The Hub has replaced previous document management systems with a learning system that are now easy to use and accessible learning for all members.

Feeding America is now able to equip food bank employees with the training they really need to help accomplish their mission of ending hunger. Vivayic was able to reach these audiences and determine what they needed and how to best present the information in an intuitive way that sparked excitement about learning and connecting with others. The Feeding America National Organization and Vivayic created a unique solution and evolving space for food bank staff to collaborate and learn together in the fight to end hunger.

The Outcome

The Learning Hub quickly gained traction with food bank staff and, in just four months, was accessed by more than 3,000 users. The Learning Hub is now a community for users to learn together and share ideas with one another. Users can be content creators, as they can upload their own best practices and samples, which are then reviewed by a subject matter expert before being published to the Hub. Users are also prompted to give feedback or ideas to continue to make their training powerful and effective to meet their needs.

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