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Drive Performance

Most training programs aren’t customized for achieving your specific results, leaving you feeling disappointed that the training missed the mark. After investing valuable time and money, you should have a program that gets you your desired results.

How We Drive Performance

Talent Development

Sales Enablement

Product Training

Leadership Development

Transformation Support

How We Drive Performance
Talent Development
Leadership Development
Sales Emblement
Transformation Support
Product Trainng

3-Step Plan for Impressive Results

At Vivayic, we know that your success depends on the performance of your team. Cultivating training programs that actually work and drive quality performance is important to you—and we want to step alongside you as a thought partner.
Number 1
Clarify Your Needs
Number 2
Build the Solution Together
Number 3
Launch with Confidence and Support

Build Your Own Competency Model to Drive Performance with Your Team

Access our FREE introduction course, to learn how we build Competency Models, so you can stop wondering where to start and begin driving performance and growth in your organization!
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Farm Credit Services of America & Frontier Farm Credit

RAMP Phase 1
To equip new staff to be the most proficient in their responsibilities in the shortest amount of time, Farm Credit Services of America sought a training program that would establish foundational learning outcomes for all roles, as well as a set of job-specific competencies for select new roles.

National Pork Board

Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) Plus Program
The PQA Plus program needed modification to better reflect the growing needs of their six primary learner types and to present it in two. The National Pork Board and the PQA Plus Task Force teamed up with Vivayic to develop PQA Plus, version 4.0, a revised certification program that better met the diverse needs of their growing audience.
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Awards and Recognition

The Excellence Awards recognize organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results. We are honored to step alongside organizations who are continually doing good in the world.
Farm Credit Services of America, Frontier Farm Credit, & Vivayic
Gold – Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy 2022
National Pork Board & Vivayic
Silver – Best Certification Program 2022
University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing & Vivayic
Bronze – Best University Professional Development Program 2022
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