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Amplify Impact

Translating your expertise at scale is often complex, leaving you unsure of the best path forward. You should be able to do what you do best and have a trusted partner that works through your complex needs.

How We Amplify Impact

Program Design and Definition

Capacity Building in Human Systems

Expertise Dissemination

Digital Transformation

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How We Amplify Impact
Program Design and Definition
Digital Transformation
Capacity Building in Human Systems
Expertise Dissemination

Here’s how we do it:

At Vivayic, we know that you are a leader who gets results. In order to do that, you need to deliver your expertise in ways that equip others to have impact.
Analyze the Needs
Build the Strategy
Launch the Solution
Experience the Impact

Ensure Your Learner’s Needs are Met to Amplify Impact

Access our FREE Learner Needs Analysis template to understand your learner’s needs today to catering the learning solution directly to their needs!
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Georgia Health Policy Center

Community Voice Documentary
The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) needed to shift mindsets for those involved in community health system transformation from “well-intentioned community engagement” to “deep authentic community engagement where community voice is honored, and power is shared.” Alongside Vivayic, GHPC created a documentary film to highlight the stories of individuals with lived experience, unique perspective, and a desire for community engagement.
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University of Missouri Extension

Sinclair School of Nursing, Enhanced Leadership Development Academy (ELDA)
The University of Missouri Extension and the Sinclair School of Nursing offer the Enhanced Leadership Development Academy (ELDA) to health professionals working in long-term care facilities, but the previous in-person courses faced declining enrollment numbers, prompting program coordinators at the University of Missouri Extension and Sinclair School of Nursing to team up with Vivayic and move the program to an entirely virtual format in 2017.
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Feeding America

Learning Hub LMS

The Feeding America – National Organization needed their previous trainings to be housed in one place and feature easier user-navigation. To meet the educational needs of over 200 organizations and 11,000 food bank staff members in their network, Feeding America partnered with Vivayic to build a learning management system (LMS) called “the Hub.”

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