Georgia Health Policy Center – Community Voice Documentary

The Challenge
Driving understanding can be difficult. The Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) needed to shift mindsets for those involved in community health system transformation from “well-intentioned community engagement” to “deep authentic community engagement where community voice is honored, and power is shared.” The Georgia Health Policy Center, established in 1995, provides evidence-based research, program development, and policy guidance to improve health status at the community level. The center conducts research and shares findings to connect decision makers with the objective research and guidance needed to make informed decisions about health policy and programs.
Vivayic’s Solution

Alongside Vivayic, the project team at GHPC created a documentary film highlighting the stories of individuals in three communities with lived experience and perspectives on community engagement was created. The film showcases experts from GHPC speaking to the topic of community voice and the principles for authentic engagement. The film also includes resources on the topic of community voice, equipping learners with a plan for their communities upon watching the film.

Vivayic and GHPC partnered with a film company to identify impactful stories, conduct interviews, and capture footage to leave the audience with lasting impact. Through GHPC’s partnership with Vivayic, they were able to take their vision for impact to the visual film screen. GHPC and Vivayic worked hand-in-hand to understand the project vision, strategize through storytelling, and maximize viewer impact.

The Outcome

The documentary was directly impactful to the communities involved in the film and proposes limitless possibilities for mindset shift and impact within any community. Storytelling is a uniquely powerful way to share a message and vision. The film showcases public health workers and community member impact when community voice is truly valued. The result was an inspiring documentary showcasing champions of community voice and an audience left motivated to enhance their own neighborhoods.

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