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Taking Care of the Forest and the Trees: Team Development in Purpose-Driven Organizations

Here at Vivayic, we are in the business of learning. It’s what we do. We wake up each day excited about the opportunities to increase human potential through learning.

As we partner with clients to plan, design, and build their new learning initiatives, we also prioritize the learning of our own people. We’d feel like icky hypocrites if we didn’t. We drive employee development in ways that fit our culture, drive our business forward, and we do so in a fully-remote team environment.

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Managing a (Newly) Remote Team? Do NOT Follow This Advice

Coronavirus has changed how millions of people are working including most of our clients. The most common question in the past three weeks has been: How is your team adapting?

This question is from a place of pure empathy because most everyone they know is dealing with the chaos of functioning in an entirely different way and in an unprecedented situation.

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Building Together

These are unprecedented and unpredictable times for our public health and our economy. There are some forecasts that paint a very bleak outlook for both. Sometimes, it’s hard to stop reading the news articles because the scope of the crisis is almost too big to fathom. All the while, none of us can predict how the pandemic will impact our families, daily lives, our company, or the country as a whole. I’m guessing that we’ve all experienced fear and worry over the past few days.

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What It Means to Build Others’ Capacity to Do Good in the World

“Wait, Vivayic did that project?” After four years of working for this company, I probably shouldn’t be surprised to hear that question anymore. This past weekend, I reconnected with an old friend at a wedding, and, as we caught up with each other’s work lives — it hit me.

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Field of Hope: The Curriculum Cycle

We have feet on the ground in Uganda! Those feet belong to Doug Kueker, Leah Gibson, Morgan Walkup, Andrea Tenney, and several more from Field of Hope.

The team arrived in time to be greeted by the rains. If you haven’t experienced the African rains, there truly is nothing quite like watching the clouds roll over the Nile River, seeing lightning crack across a sky with zero light pollution, and listening to the drops pound on an old tin roof.

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How Vivayic Improves My Happiness

Over the years, science has deepened our understanding of the different facets of happiness. We know that there are universal mood boosters such as fresh air, bright colors, laughter, and time spent with positive people. Recently, we’ve learned about the power happiness has over our immune system and chronic pain. But, what about giving? Sure, we know giving can increase our sense of purpose, but how does it affect our happiness?

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About That “Global Good”

At Vivayic, we hold a strong commitment to our values, purpose, and operating principles in our core. Of these, our purpose — building others’ capacity to do good in the world — seems to resonate most deeply with our team and clients. We wanted a tangible visualization of our purpose. That led to the creation of the Global Good sculpture that you see on this website.

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