Field of Hope Year 3!

Written by Vivayic
If you’ve checked out our website before, you might know about our company’s passion project — helping an amazing organization called Field of Hope. Vivayic has made a long-term commitment to build the capacity of Field of Hope (FOH). FOH is an NGO working in Africa to teach appropriate agricultural practices to youth and smallholder farmers.

This week, two of our team members are on the ground in Uganda training over 100 teachers on the experiential learning style used in the curriculum. Working with the FOH team, we have delivered many teacher trainings across the country. This week our team is delivering the printed Year 3 Curriculum to teachers…an incredibly gratifying moment for all of us! Additionally, our on-the-ground trips to Uganda help us tailor the teaching styles and activities to be ones that are culturally and contextually appropriate.

Our partnership with the organization has grown over the last seven years. In 2013, we partnered with FOH to develop training curriculum for smallholder farmers that they would deploy in Uganda. In 2016, we started on a project of epic proportions to design an entire four-year secondary agricultural curriculum aligned to Ugandan national standards. We benefitted from the expertise of Ugandan agriculture teachers and tropical agricultural subject matter experts to ensure the curriculum was relevant and accurate.

This week, we’ve launched development of the fourth year of the curriculum. This pro-bono project is the only project our entire 30+ member team works on together. We all value the opportunity to use our gifts and skills to serve others. The curriculum development project for year four encompasses 10 months of work, 75 different roles, and 519 distinct different tasks for our team members. Our team members choose the roles they want to play with this project and within two days of posting the available tasks and roles – they were all filled! That shows how much our team values the work we get to do with this wonderful organization.

To learn more about our curriculum development process with FOH, check out this post written by Whitney Thurmond, Vivayic team member and Field of Hope board member.

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