Four Things I Learned in my First 24 hours With the Vivayic Team

Written by Bailey Rami
“Wait, what?” This is a question I’ve been asked approximately 27 times by friends and family in the last week. On Monday, I was teaching Psychology of Human Relations at Lake Area Technical Institute; on Friday, I was traveling to Portland, Maine for my first Vivayic team meeting. When you leave a job you are profoundly passionate about for something completely different, people have questions.

While I have yet to cultivate all the answers to my transition, I can — with certainty — provide my personal insights over the last 24 hours with the team that calls themselves Vivayic.
Number 1

The truth will set you free.

This one is simple to them: be authentic. They pour energy into genuinely engaging with one another, being real about company processes, and voicing expectations that are clear and consistent. While I have yet to experience engagement with clients firsthand, I can imagine it follows a similar model. Transparency is a value anyone can appreciate; unless we’re talking about Millennials wearing leggings as pants.

Number 2

Your golf clap isn’t loud enough.

They have things to brag about, but they would rather clap for someone else. Even if the success of a client is directly related to a Vivayic crafted solution, the applause is directed toward the entity that reached out to improve their infrastructure in the first place. It takes guts to reach out for solutions. If you don’t believe me, you’ve obviously never been stranded on the side of the road because you ran out of gas.

Number 3

Don’t leave it at the door.

Let’s be professional, but let’s be real. It’s okay to emote. There is value in talking about the tough topics and celebrating the easy ones. Professionals can party too. And celebrate they did.

If these all sound like a canned-answer justification to help me feel better about my decision, then I thank you for reading to the end. We all get tricked into reading long, pointless Facebook posts from time-to-time. So, what is it about authenticity, golf claps, accountability, and emotions that made this experience real? Energy. The energy that emanates from a culture of people cannot be feigned. Caffeine energy is not real; really important, though not real. The molecular energy field of our bodies is real. Positive environments cause positive energy. If culture could be put into a K-Cup, Vivayic’s house blend would be sold-out.

Bailey Rami
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