FREE Resource for Planning and Leading your Virtual Meetings and Training Events

Written by Seth Derner
Many organizations and teams are quickly working to adapt to working in remote teams. Vivayic has been a remote team from our founding in 2006. We now have 33 employees in 11 states working with more than 50 clients across the country – we feel pretty confident in our experience in planning and facilitating virtual meetings and training events.

Last November, one of our clients, Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) at Georgia State University, asked us to compile a resource guide to help their team of technical assistance providers plan and conduct virtual meetings and training events with the groups of grantees they support in rural communities across the country. On Monday this week, we realized that guide would likely now be a valuable resource to a lot of organizations so we reached out and asked our friends at GHPC if we could adapt the guide we created for them and share publicly. They graciously allowed us to do so.

Please feel free to use and share this guide widely. If you’d like a Word version of the guide so you can adapt, please use the contact form below (“Let’s Talk”) and request the guide. We’ll try to respond to all requests within 24 hours.

We’ve found that virtual meetings and training events can be very effective. In fact, there are times we prefer virtual meetings because of the access to collaborative tools and the ability to engage in group communication.

Best of luck if you are learning to navigate in a new environment. We hope this helps.

Seth Derner
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