How Vivayic Improves My Happiness

Written by Bailey Rami
Over the years, science has deepened our understanding of the different facets of happiness. We know that there are universal mood boosters such as fresh air, bright colors, laughter, and time spent with positive people. Recently, we’ve learned about the power happiness has over our immune system and chronic pain. But, what about giving? Sure, we know giving can increase our sense of purpose, but how does it affect our happiness?
“And, how does that relate to Vivayic improving my happiness?”

According to research conducted by Lara B. Aknin et al. on charitable donations (specifically pro-social spending) and published in the “International Journal of Happiness and Development,” people experience the greatest happiness boost when there is a social connection between the giver and the receiver. In other words, donors achieve a greater sense of happiness when they give to the charity of a friend, relative, or social acquaintance rather than an anonymous donation to an organization. This research highlights not only the value of charitable giving but helps us understand more about one of the most fundamental desires of our being: relationships.

Annually, Vivayic provides a donation match to each of their employees. A simple request asks employees to select a non-profit charity with personal meaning. On #GivingTuesday, I chose to donate to the Ty Eschenbaum Foundation. This organization was founded by a close friend who survived childhood leukemia. The foundation awards scholarships to youth cancer survivors and their families in the state of South Dakota.

It’s a joy for me to watch a close friend bring so much perspective and humility to this world. It’s even more of an honor to be able to contribute to that in ways big and small. By allowing me to select a charitable organization close to my heart and matching my donation, Vivayic improves my happiness.

Bailey Rami
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